So!!! All set for the welcome of the new cute member of your family. The homecoming of the little dearest one is from one of the beautiful events you ever imagined. You must be feeling nervous as for some it’s going to be the very first experience of handling a baby.

Somewhat panicked? Some of you must have talked about why babies cry? When they have immunization problems? What kinds of clothes are better? Which baby products to use? And many more still left.

Well!! There is nothing like to panic hard but yeah you should be very careful while arranging the little one’s things. All this must be finished before the baby comes home.

Every little change is going to affect him as the baby is not used to all this.Also, there are some must have things that you can’t avoid to ignore. They are specially designed to help you and your baby out.Some Of Them Are Listed Here :


    Let us start with the very basic safety item you will need. All formalities of the hospital have been done. Now you are ready for yours and your baby’s journey. But if you are planning to keep the baby all-time in your arms and while the other one is driving, it is not at all safe and comfortable for the baby. The solution is a CHILD SAFETY SEAT. It’s up to you if you want to buy or borrow one. They are available in two types: One is just for infants and the one is a convertible one that will work well for infants and can be converted for toddlers when needed. The first one is better though. You can ask your doctor to recommend the baby seats according to the child’s condition like special seats are there for children with special needs.

Baby Toys
Baby Toys
  • Why you need it? Let us take the example of baby’s nails. Have you ever noticed that the nails of the little baby grow so fast? If you cut using the usual nail-cutter, there are always chances of some mistakes that you accidentally do and that are enough to make the baby restless. If you imagined the situation, you do not want this to happen at all. And there are many more unwanted situations that can arise. The baby care toolkit consists of nail clippers, nasal respirators, quick read thermometer, and medicine spoon and silicon toothbrush. All these things will prove quite helpful at times.

  • Now, what is this? A bassinet is a bed for babies of the age from birth to 4 years. They have fixed legs. If you frequently shift the position so you can buy cradles they are designed to provide gliding motion. This will also help to keep a close eye on the baby. But do check the safety labels like JPMA or ASTM. Choose your bassinet according to the weight of the baby and discontinue there use after a limit. Do have a check at the mattress also. It must be tightly held at the corners. Keep a soft mat next to the cradle so that in the worst case if the baby falls, the situation remains under control.

  • As the name suggests it’s not that simple boss! Once you go to buy, you will find yourself in a world of bathtubs ranging from different sizes to rates. Now you need to decide. For long use, convertible tubs are there, that can be adjusted for infants as well as toddlers. If you have the space issue, then foldable tubs are ready. Some tubs come with a hook so that they can be hung after use and dried. Buying a tub with a temperature detecting device is most recommendable. They will themselves inform you whether the water temperature is suitable for the baby or not.

  • Just have a look around!! And you will notice a number of sharp edges around you that can harm your baby through bumps and bruises. Imagine if your child suddenly hits a sharp edge, no! Don’t want to imagine, fine! So the solution is edge corner guards. They are used to cover all the sharp edges of your furniture. They are available in different designs as well as sizes like if you got nothing matching, buy the transparent one. They just have a natural sticky thing that helps them stay glued to the edges however if toddlers try slight hard, they can be easily removed. Similarly, there are stove knob covers if the baby is attracted by the stove knobs. These protectors will help you.

  • No, these are not smart people but some smart helpers you can say. Smart socks are an example. They are specially designed to keep the comfort level maintained. Just wrap the sock around the little feet and now you are in no need of jumping to the baby to every five minutes. The smart sock will automatically tell you about baby’s heart rate and oxygen level. Just like this, there are smart ear thermometers. They will quickly tell you baby’s temperature accurately.

  • Well! If you cannot afford sitting with the baby all time, then these monitors are of great use to you. These allow you to have an eagle’s eye on each and every movement of the baby whether it’s a splutter or cry. The sensitivity of these monitors is different for different ones. An alarm will inform if there is no movement detected for a long time.

  • 8. SMOKE ALARM :
  • These alarms will detect even slight smoke in the baby’s room and inform you through some siren, so that you can take the earliest possible action, like opening the windows. Sometimes even the kitchen smoke is enough to create suffocation. So these will produce an alarming sound. You can install CO alarm also. It will inform you about the raised levels of CO in the baby’s room. It will be better if you install both.

  • These are really helpful once the baby starts crawling on the floor. Leaving the baby alone even for a minute can prove dangerous as babies just wish to explore wherever they could make it possible. The next place of their curiosity may be your stairs. And now you want the stairs to be baby proof. These adjustable gates will help you. You just need to buy one that suits your stairs size and now you can let your baby move freely on the floor. The pressure mounted gates are widely used and held in place by pressure.

  • Sometimes things are small enough to allow the kids to swallow them. Now it’s your responsibility to keep these things out of reach of the kid. How are you going to decide the appropriate things? So the choke tube tester solves your problem. Use this product to find out where the object has a choking potential or not. If some toy is small enough to fits through the tube opening then they are ready to pose choking hazards to your baby.

So these were some helpful safety gears that will help you.

- Written By
Geetika Singh



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