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So here is the time when you have more and more responsibilities of your new-born baby.Most of the parents starts buying clothes, Blankets and even a bigger house after or Before the baby is born but they forget to Bring most essentials items that are need to there in the lists. So, here is the list for the same.


Read on to know more about the products for a new-born baby.

  • GENERAL : While getting your list ready Keep this in mind that your baby needs different clothes , different accessories in different seasons.

    1. Steriliser : Whether you are breastfeeding or bottle feeding your child , you need to sterilise the teats and bottles until your baby is a year old.

    2. Feeding Bottles : Feeding bottles with anti- colic nipples prevent the baby to swallow lesser amount of air. These bottles must have to be BPA free and of good quality material that can endure high temperature.

    3. Thermos : Bottle to store the hot water. Hot water can be kept in these bottles and can be used to mix formula milk.

    4. Muslin Clothes : These clothes prevents our clothes to get dirty, used to clean up the drool and to mop up spills.

    1. Baby Mattress : Well fitted new mattress is the first and the important thing in the list. Avoid buying fluffy blankets as it may suffocate the baby. Use light sheets and tuck them in firmly.

    2. Sheets : Use always a light coloured bedsheets and mostly of cottons, to let your baby feel dry and comfortable too.

    3. Mosquito Net : Mosquito net is also very important thing to keep in mind while shopping. You can never be so careful when it comes to mosquitoes. This will protect your baby from diseases and bites.

    4. Mobile : These are the colourful hangings for your baby’s bed. It may add colour to the room and will keep your baby occupied.
Baby Toys
Baby Toys

    1. Disposable diapers : Avoid buying diapers in bulk. Buy only 3 samples of diapers and try them out and figure out which one is more comfortable for your baby.

    2. Cotton Nappies : Reusable cotton nappies are the best for the sensitive baby skin. Buy them in bulk so that you will run out from these before you can toss them in the laundry.

    3. Wet wipes : They are used to clean your baby’s bottom gently and hygienically. Wet wipes let you retain the moisture in your baby’s skin .

    1. Tops : Buying tops for your baby is tricky to be kept in mind that your baby is small. Avoid buying tops having buttons on back and over the head, keep your baby comfortable.

    2. Socks : It is very important to keep your baby’s feet warm all the time. Buy as many socks you can. Try buying colourful socks to make your baby attractive and more beautiful.

    3. Caps : Caps are important for keeping your baby’s head warm and give it feeling of being secure enough. Caps covering the ears are the best one.


    1. Bath-Tub, Towel, Baby Shampoo: Always buy bathtub based on your baby’s height. You can buy convertible tubs which expands as your baby grows up. Towels made for adsorbent material. Try buying light coloured towels. Fragrance free shampoos are the preferable one. Try it first with your baby skin before stocking up. Massage and hair oils for babies are also important to keep them moisturised.

- Written By
Priyanka Jaiswal

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